Who We Are

Welcome to Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform, the force behind constitutional reform in Alabama. ACCR is a non-profit, grassroots, public interest group dedicated to helping Alabamians draft a new state constitution.

ACCR Foundation, and ACCR Inc., grew out of a rally in Tuscaloosa, Ala., on April 7, 2000, as part of a grass-roots movement for civic renewal and constitutional revision.

We want a state constitution that unites, rather than divides our people. We want to create a civic atmosphere in which politics can function for the benefit of all citizens, rather than for a few powerful interests.

Following are the boards and groups of individuals that make up our organization and support. Click on the underlined names to access information.

ACCR Foundation Board of Directors focused on education
ACCR Inc. Board of Directors focused on advocacy
Regional Chapters Statewide organization of members
Constitution Convention Coalition Organizations of support
College Council College chapters
Contact Information How to reach us