It Restricts Local Democracy

It concentrates power in Montgomery by restricting local democracy

Alabama is the only state in the southeast that deprives counties of local control, forcing county governments to seek legislative approval for even the most mundane of matters, including rodent control, weed control, bingo, prostitution, and burying dead farm animals, among others.

Our state legislature spends nearly 50% of its time debating local issues, and over 70% of our constitutional amendments apply to a single city or county.

Doesn't it make more sense to let local governments deal with local problems?

It locks in an unfair tax system
It hinders economic development
It limits budget flexibility
It is the longest known constitution in the world
It has undemocratic origins
The Beast in the Garden
"The Beast in the Garden" is part of the "Century of Shame" series in the Mobile Register.
The Beast in the Garden
Mobile Register, Oct. 16, 2000

Alabama is the only Southeastern state that denies its counties the authority to plan for wise land use. Why? The antiquated 1901 Alabama constitution has no provisions for sensible local government. Chris and Helen Furger (pictured at right) were stunned to learn an industrial park was being built next to them though their area was unincorporated. Mobile County officials could not help them because Alabama's constitution ties local hands on land-use planning.
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