Sample Organizational Structure

  1. President:
    1. Preside over all meetings
    2. Inform all members and officers of current status of constitutional reform movement.
    3. Annual review of ASCR Constitution and submit proposals for revision to executive board.

  2. Vice President of Recruitment/Membership:
    1. Coordinate efforts for “Get on Board Day” in both Fall and Spring.
    2. Weekly e-mails to all members regarding meeting times and topics.
    3. Weekly status reports to officers and members.

  3. Vice President of Public Relations:
    1. Create and/or maintain relationships with local community organizations.
    2. Generate public service opportunities (Speaker series visits, etc.).
    3. Generate and maintain relationships with sister organizations at other Universities.
    4. Coordinate for all advertising of special events.
    5. Weekly status reports to officers and members.
  1. Vice President of Communications:
    1. Record the minutes of each meeting.
    2. Generate newsletters to inform students about upcoming ASCR activities.
    3. Maintain contact with other University organizations (College Democrats, College Republicans, Student Government, ACCR, etc.).
    4. Ensure the organization web site is current.
    5. Weekly status reports to officers and members. 
    6. Copy ACCR state chapter with the status reports.
  1. Vice President of Finance:
    1. Preside over all meetings in the absence of the president.
    2. Collect and deposit all chapter membership dues.
    3. Create working budget for all projects and functions.
    4. Weekly presentation of financial status regarding:

i.                    Current balance of the organization:

ii.                   Any shortfalls or concerns regarding projects.

    1. Handle ACCR funding requests (Funding must have ACCR approval)