ACCR Website: www.constitutionalreform.org

Training sessions: www.gbm.org/

Download the 1901 Constitution www.legislature.state.al.us

Order a bound copy of the Alabama 1901 Constitution,
www.lrs.state.al.us/ and select 'Publications' or call (334) 242-7560.

Books: A Century of Controversy by Bailey Thomson,
The University of Alabama Press 2002

State Constitutions for the Twenty-first Century
by G. Alan Tarr and Robert F. Williams,
State of New York University Press 2006

The Least of These by Susan Pace Hamill,
Sweet Water Press, 2003

Alabama in the Twentieth Century by Wayne Flynt,
The University of Alabama Press 2003

Inside Alabama by Harvey Jackson,
The University of Alabama Press 2004

And then educate your legislators
How do I get the name of my legislator?
     Write your zip code   
E-mail: Legislator's first name, then a period, then legislator's last
name, then @ then alhouse.org or alsenate.org
Example: george.perdue@alhouse.org

You can write ACCR at P.O. Box 10746 Birmingham, AL 35202
or call us at 205 540-7501

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