Welcome to the Constitution Convention Coalition Home Page
"Joining Hands to Break the Chains of the Past!"

The purpose of the Constitution Convention Coalition is to connect non-profits throughout Alabama in the common interest of drafting a new constitution through a representative, citizen-led constitutional convention.


The 1901 Alabama Constitution is a hindrance to the work of non-profits because it taxes families further into poverty, deters appropriate funding of social services and discourages citizen participation at all levels of government. 

Why a constitution CONVENTION?

A convention is needed to empower Alabama citizens to shape their own future through writing a new, more just Alabama constitution.  There are two options to reform the constitution; by amendment or by a convention.  To date, we have amended the Alabama Constitution 799 times, so let’s give a citizen-delegated convention a chance.

Why become a member of the constitution convention COALITION?

Joining the Coalition will help your organization meet your mission and goals.  It will also create a vibrant network for education, advocacy and action with other organizations throughout the state that share the common interest of creating a quality future for ALL Alabama citizens. 

What are Coalition Members asked to do?

  • EDUCATE your constituents on the need for constitution reform.
  • ENCOURAGE Alabamians to sign-up with Alabama Citizens for Constitutional Reform (www.constitutionalreform.org) and contact their legislators to urge them to Let the People Vote on holding a Constitution Convention!
  • ASK your organization’s Board to approve a resolution which will ENDORSE the call for a citizens’ convention and allow your group to JOIN the Constitution Convention Coalition (see back side for details).
  • SPEAK with your local legislators and urge their support to approve legislation that gives the people of Alabama the opportunity to vote on holding a Constitution Convention.

Which groups are a part of the Coalition and how do you join?

Click here to see the most current list of Coalition partners. To join the Constitution Convention Coalition, click here to download a draft resolution for your organization’s Board to approve. Then send the resolution to:

Hill Carmichael, Project Coordinator

Constitutional Reform Education Campaign

Greater Birmingham Ministries

2304 12th Avenue North

Birmingham, Alabama 35234

205.326.6821, ext. 108

FAX 205.252.8458