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State held back by document

Moulton Advertiser, (5/29/03)
Constitution reform
Decatur Daily, (5/28/03)
Zoning issues highlight need

Montgomery Advertiser, (5/24/03)
ACCR bus draws puzzled looks in GH
Thomasville Times , (5/22/03)
Constitutional Reform Bus visits Clarke County schools
Clark County Democrat, (5/22/03)
Holtville students led Capitol rally
The Montgomery Advertiser, (5/14/03)
Students protest on Capitol steps
The Anniston Star, (5/14/03)
Students march on Capitol for new constitution
The Associated Press, (5/13/03)
Home rule desperately needed
Shelby County Reporter, (5/6/03)
Legislature has no political incentive for mass reform
The Decatur Daily, (4/24/03)
A couple of bites of reform

Mobile Register, (4/23/03)
Legislature and governor take first step in giving home rule to county commissions
The Anniston Star, (4/23/03)
Senators support home rule amendment
The Huntsville Times, (4/22/03)
Senate leaders say recompilation, home rule have best chance
The Associated Press, (4/22/03)
Constitutional plan to go to lawmakers
The Birmingham News, (4/22/03)
Commission defends proposal to reform state constitution
Decatur Daily, (4/18/03)
Students step up for Constitution reform
Montgomery Advertiser, (4/17/03)
Keep striking race provisions
Montgomery Advertiser, (4/17/03)
Historian tells how 1901 constitution spawned abuses
The Huntsville Times, 4/17/03)
Home rule is one possible outcome of Constitutional reform
The Alexander City Outlook, (4/16/03)
‘No way to run a state’
The Eufaula Tribune, (4/14/03)
Stalled senate

Birmingham News , (4/14/03)
State citizens group continues pushing for new constitution
Decatur Daily, (4/13/03)
Out of fairness, Alabama deserves a new constitution
By Thomas E. Corts for the Birmingham News, (4/13/03)
Constitutional reform hot topic at Eufaula forum
The Dothan Eagle, (4/12/03)
Constitution reform effort comes to area
Florence Times Daily, (4/11/03)
Time for change
Eufaula Tribune, (4/07/03)
Students show support for constitution reform
St. Clair News-Aegis, (3/27/03)
Cautious optimism for state reform
The Anniston Star, (3/27/03)
The line-item veto
The Huntsville Times, (3/26/03)
Limited home rule
The Huntsville Times, (3/25/03)
On targeted reform
The Birmingham News, (3/24/03)
Robinson, Batemon discuss constitutional reform at PCHS
Talladega Daily Home, (3/21/03)
Constitutional battle seen
The Birmingham News, (3/18/03)
‘Let go of vested interests’
The Birmingham News, (3/17/03)
Panel presents ideas for reform
The Birmingham News, (3/17/03)
New Legislature begins work on old constitution
The Associated Press, (3/12/03)
Reason fo reform
The Anniston Star, (3/04/03)
Time for constitutional change is now
By Bill Zinn, Special to The Star, (3/02/03)
From here to there
The Huntsville Times, (2/28/03)
And the whole hog
The Anniston Star, (2/11/03)
Taxation, constitution reform crucial
Albert P. Brewer for The Birmingham News, (2/09/03)
Riley’s Approach: Tackling the realm of possibility
Bailey Thomson for the Montgomery Advertiser , (2/09/03)
Putting pigs in their place

The Anniston Star, (2/08/03)
Free up the money, earn the public's trust
The Mobile Register, (2/07/03)
Hog wild and pig crazy

The Anniston Star, (2/06/03)
National study ranks Alabama near bottom in tax systems

The Associated Press, (2/03/03)
March 28 deadline for panel's proposals
The Birmingham News, (2/01/03)
Work begins on constitution
The Montgomery Advertiser,
United, we can move forward
Tom Scarritt for The Birmingham News, (1/26/03)
Don’t let ‘how’ defeat reforms
The Montgomery Advertiser, (1/26/03)
Constitution reform begins
The Birmingham News, (1/26/03)
Lining up for reform
The Anniston Star, (1/25/03)
Riley launches constitution commission
The Birmingham News, (1/24/03)
Blueprint for reform sitting on Riley's desk
Adam Jones for The Auburn Plainsman, (1/24/03)
Commission’s goal is ‘targeted revisions’ of constitution
The Mobile Register, (1/24/03)
Riley forms panel to study constitution
The Florence Times Daily, (1/24/03)
Constitutional panel posts filled
The Montgomery Advertiser, (1/23/03)
Document outlines road to reform
The Tuscaloosa News, (1/22/03)
Pryor promises to work for reforming constitution
The Associated Press, (1/20/03)
Constitutional panel hands off to governor

The Mobile Register, (1/20/03)
The edge of possibility
The Huntsville Times, (1/19/03)
‘A solid foundation’

The Birmingham News, (1/19/03)
Alabama can't delay on constitutional reform

Dorcas Harris for The Huntsville Times, (1/18/03)
Constitutional reform advocates release recommendations
The Huntsville Times, (1/17/03)
Another argument for home rule

The Tuscaloosa News, (1/10/03)
New group seeks impact on wide range of issues
The Mobile Register, (01/06/03)
2003 offers best chance for reform

Tom Scarritt for The Birmingham News, (01/05/03)

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