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Updated: September 26, 2016

In 2015, we had great success in getting the Legislature to pass four constitutional amendments that resulted from the Constitutional Revision Commission.

They will be on your ballot in November 2016.

Amendment 4 will give county commissions the authority to establish certain programs relating to the administration of the affairs of the county. It will not authorize taxes or tax increases. Jefferson County is exempt because of sewer tax issues but it will be on ballots there anyhow.

The three other amendments are listed below the picture.

Legislative Update

Amendment 6 will change Article VII on Impeachment concerning State officers who are elected. It would remove the Superintendent of Education from being impeached since that job is appointed by the State Board of Education. It would allow impeachment of the State Board of Education since they are elected.

Amendment 5 will change the way we identify our three divisions of government.  Currently, the Constitution refers to them as Departments.  This Amendment will identify them as Branches: ie: the Judicial Branch, the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch.

Amendment 3 will revise the way local constitutional amendments are sent to statewide vote. Each local amendment must receive an initial vote by the House or Senate on the merits of the amendment. Then, if the amendment passes, the House and Senate must vote on whether the amendment should receive a local or a statewide vote. One legislator can send it to a statewide vote.

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