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Updated: January 3, 2017

Because of your help, four amendments (listed below the photo) that bring reform to Alabama's Constitution were passed in the 2016 election year. Thank you for working so hard all these years to bring reform to our Constitution.

Alabama finally has some home rule.

This work would not have been possible without the leadership of former Governor Albert P. Brewer who chaired the Constitutional Revision Commission that authored these amendments. ACCR is saddened by the recent loss of this great statesman and thankful for his lifelong championing of constitutional reform. His passion for walking the service road of life lives on in many Alabamians.

Legislative Update

Amendment 4 gives county commissions the authority to establish certain programs relating to the administration of the affairs of the county. It does not authorize taxes or tax increases. Jefferson County is exempt because of sewer tax issues.

Amendment 6 changes Article VII on Impeachment concerning State officers who are elected. It removes the Superintendent of Education from being impeached since that job is appointed by the State Board of Education. It allowa impeachment of the State Board of Education since they are elected.

Amendment 5 changes the way we identify our three divisions of government.  Previously, the Constitution referred to them as Departments.  This Amendment identifies them as Branches: ie: the Judicial Branch, the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch.

Amendment 3 revises the way local constitutional amendments are sent to statewide vote. Each local amendment must receive an initial vote by the House or Senate on the merits of the amendment. Then, if the amendment passes, the House and Senate must vote on whether the amendment should receive a local or a statewide vote. One legislator can send it to a statewide vote.

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